It’s Larry’s birthday and this means summer can finally begin. Coop’s back and hustling for rebates against Shortbus in a tick-tacky game of SKATE, While Skinner and Slob slap some sky and sesh late into the night. LNATP has risin

A couple months ago at the park. Wild West Skate Contest #2. Craziest bowl sesh this town has seen. Andy Skinner, Sam Litzelman,Corey Jackson, and Arrow Bupp (to name a few) throw down haaarrddd.

A bit brisk but the sun was out, and someones mom brought doughnuts! Dominic Windey Debut’s with some lines and Arrow Bupp with a boneless session on dis igh he for the books. Killed some time with Skinner, Nate even showed us a thing or two, and B Paul takes the ender this session with the double cork. Oh yeah, and John Rodosky showed up for the weekend!

A little buffet full of delicious skaters on todays LNATP episode, and the lights won’t be on until next summer so don’t forget dessert! Greg and Camille have first appearances, but no one at the park cared cause everyone was to busy getting their last staple guns and slob airs in. This won’t be the actual Last Night at the Park episode either, just means we might be getting some more of the youth in on the LNATP sesh. LNATP: AFTER SCHOOL EDITION?

Owen Bircher beckoned our presence after a late brunch at Nora’s and Wade was eager to get us each into a pair of the short shorts that he carries around in his car. That kinda day I guess! Sunny Slalom laps and a long game of MUFF made for a great afternoon at the park.

When it rains the salmon swim upstream to the highest point of the river, and in our case this meant taking the session to the top of the only parking garage in Jackson. Aiden shows us how to get slappy, Skinny showed us all up, and we all trained for the dual slalom race that John Krisik is hopefully hosting soon.

Jake Biamonte, Blaine Gallivan, and Chris Banks are back! Chris arrived right after an 8 hour caffeine assisted drive from Laramie, Blaine just got back to town from Chile, and Jake finally left the Virg to throw down some rodoes for the cowboys from Pinedale. Another night of potlucking and skating under the heat of the Softball field lights, and I’ll say the mantra of the night was “Do Somethig Crazy”, even if we couldn’t show you Aubrey’s butt tatoo, all the cowboy shenanigans, and the shot of Kyle Flemming sticking the no comply (cause no one got the shot) off the 9 foot. Cheers, and we’ll see you at the Wild West Skate Contest tomorrow!

Jackson Hole had its first Skateboarding contest since forever! Here it is folks! JH locals of all ages gathering to share their love for the thrash!

The next contest in the series is this Saturday, ENTER, WATCH, BRING YOUR FRIENDS!

It’s Skinners B-day and the crew has assembled. The bowls limits were pushed tonight, Litz, Cory, and Flemming were going huge, Skinner front smithed the 11 pocket a bunch, and Mark DeOrsay charged harder than ever. Aiden slammed more than once, Quincy back three power slid every feature in his range and Lara rode with style and grace. It was a true Chucky Cheese birthday party kind of night and I wouldn’t have changed a thing, accept for when Skinner and DeOrsay had a fencing match in the bottom of the bowl. More potlucks in the future I hope, and sessions with Coach Moran and the Style master, Mike Scott, Also Skinner mentioned street? See you at the park next time, people!

The last time this many lines where had at the JH skatepark the police came and arrested everyone for not wearing helmets. Black Paul came back from trips to Jersey and Hood, but since his true hood is Jackson Hole he was stoked to cruise back and casually slaughter lines with the fecal matter that still skates here everyday, like Skinner (who took his shirt off and crushed), Lara, Corey, Wade, Banks, Cressy, Billy, and whatever other sweaty bruise was ripping last night. High fives all around, PBRs and lifesavers for everyone!